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1 Role of image processing technology in healthcare sector: Review , Tayade MC , Wankhede SV , Bhamare SB , Sabale BB
2 Refugee Health & importance of Pseudoseizures : A case study to emphasize and advocate the need for non- medical interventions for a successful recovery, Dr. Paula Mahon , Dr. Vijay Kumar Chattu
3 Landmarks for sciatic nerve block in pre-term and term babies: an anatomical study, Dr. Manisha B Sinha , Dr. Anjali Aggarwal, Dr. Daisy Sahni ,Dr Richa Gupta
4 Histopathological study of Interface Dermatitis with it’s clinical correlation , Sushama Desai , Anuya Badwe , Balkrishna Nikam , Saumya Shetty
5 Handlebar hernia: A rare case of post-traumatic anterior abdominal wall hernia , Dr.Sunil Magadum , Dr.V.V.Prabhu , Dr.Moses Ingty
6 The healing touch of PRF-a case report , Prof. (Dr.) Utpal Kumar Das, Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Mitra , Dr. Nabanita Bose
7 Invasive mammary carcinoma with neuroendocrine differentiation: a diagnostic challenge , Dr. Gajender Singh, Dr. Pansi Gupta, Dr. S.K.Mathur, Dr. Sant Prakash Kataria, Dr. Sanjay Kumar
8 Isolated unilateral non-syndromic non- familial hypoplastic parotid gland , Sanjay M. Khaladkar, Mridul Ayush, Kuldip Chaudhary, Dhaval K. Thakkar
9 Profile of renal biopsies in a tertiary care hospital , Sunita Singh , Nisha Marwah, Rajeev Sen , Monika Sangwan , Renuka Verma , Megha Ralli
10 Parosteal osteosarcoma of wrist: a rare case report , Sunita Singh , Monica Sangwan , Renuka Verma, Megha Ralli , Pansi Gupta
11 Granular cell tumor in a young girl , Sunita Singh, Shilpa Garg , Renuka Verma , Megha Ralli , Shubha Lal, Ramesh Kumar
12 Study of prevalence of methicillin and vancomycin resistance in multidrug resistant coagulase negative staphylococci , Dr.Sunil B. Bhamare , Dr.Alaka Karmarkar, Dr.Vivek Iyer, Dr.Renu Bhardwaj , Dr.Smita Deshpande, Dr.Anju Kagal
13 Study of mycobacteriological profile among HIV seropositive patients , Choure Archana, Kothadia Sarita, Ghatole Mangala, Tandale Bhausaheb
14 Intracranial Haemangiopericytoma: Case Report , Dhaval K. Thakkar, Rajesh Kuber, Dolly K. Thakkar, Sanjay M. Khaladkar, V M Kulkarni
15 Diagnosis and signs of pneumothorax on ultrasound with radiological review , Sanjay M. Khaladkar, Dhaval K. Thakkar, Kunal Shinde, Preeti Sherawat, Mridul Ayush.
16 Isolated unilateral Non -Syndromic non- familial hypoplastic Parotid gland: Case Report , Sanjay M. Khaladkar, Mridul Ayush, Kuldip Chaudhary, Dhaval K. Thakkar.
17 Mesenteric jejunal diverticulitis causing peritonitis , Chinmay Gandhi , Moses Ingty , Sadanand Prasadi
18 Use of epidural steroids in cases of low back pain and sciatica: A prospective observational study , Dr. Amol Prakash Singam, Dr.Vinay Ramesh Dhakate, Dr. Saurabh Shivhar Yelurkar, Dr.Satish Narayan Gosavi
19 Significance of brucellosis in backache patients , Dr Ravindra S Mohite
21 Utilization of antenatal care services in a rural area of Bareilly , Dr. J.P. Singh*, Dr Peeyush Kariwal, Dr. S.B. Gupta, Dr. V.P. Shrotriya, Dr. P.N. Singh
22 Cefepime/tazobactam-a promising BL-BLI combination against multidrug resistant Gram negative bacteria , Dr. Swati S. Mudshingkar, Dr. Ashwini K.Dedwal, Dr. Meghna S. Palewar, Dr. Vaishali B. Dohe, Dr. Anju S. Kagal, Dr Renu S.Bhardwaj
23 Renal failure in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria due to Renal Hemosiderosis , Jyoti Sharma, Sunita Singh, Ashok Sangwaiya, Sonia Hasija, Swati Sharma, Rajeev Sen
24 Comparison of fasting blood glucose & post prandial blood glucose with HbA1c in assessing the glycemic control , Dr Swetha N K
25 Impact of short term yogic practice over ventilatory functions in healthy individuals , Dr.B.V.Surendra, Dr.Santosh V.Chidri
26 Post operative pulmonary edema , Sabale BB , Sabale DB , Barhate Amruta
27 Surgical site infections in tertiary care hospital , Fadnis MP ,Desai S, Kagal A, Bharadwaj R
28 Are we ready to accept the benefits of Targeted Therapy of lung Carcinoma in India? Ghosh Dastidar Aloke , Basu Anjana, Gupta Phalguni, Sadhukhan Susmita, Halder Anirban, Das Tapas
29 Laminates –The Esthetic of Smyle , Dr. Dharmendra Shah
30 Evaluating the levels of salivary enzymes as biochemical markers in periodental disease , P .Krushna Kishore , Dr .Yuvarajparmar , Satishkumar . S
31 Effects of Exercise Training on Bone Mineral Density of Different Aged Postmenopausal Women in India , Biplob Chowdhury
32 Morphological and morphometrical variations of malleus in human cadavers , Dr. Khushboo Mogra , Dr. Seema Gupta , Dr. Sangita Chauhan , Dr. Lokesh Panwar , Dr. Rajuram
33 Nephronophthisis - medullary cystic disease , Rajeev Sen , Sumiti Gupta , Deepika Jain , Amit Mann , Sonia Hasija , Shilpa Garg
34 Retrospective study of the five-Year Prevalence and Trends of transfusion transmitted infections (TTIs) among blood donors at a charitable hospital blood bank in Pune, India , Sastry Jayagowri M , Agawane Shubhangi U , Harke Vimal A.
35 A study of traumatic perforation peritonitis in a rural medical college hospital with identification of risk factors , Dr. S. H. Kulkarni

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