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1 The study of total antioxidant capacity, homocysteine, lipoprotein (a), total protein and albumin with copper and zinc in nephrotic syndrome, Jyoti Dwivedi , Dr.Purnima Dey Sarkar
2 Lithium prescribing trends: Review , Dr. Ivan Netto, Dr. Ranjit Patil, Dr. Prathamesh Kamble, Dr. Saurabh Sonkusare
3 Distribution of iron deficiency anemia in rural population: Survey based study, Dr.C.Ashokkumar , Dr. M.C.Tayade, Dr.Nigavekar , Dr.Singla, Dr.Nitin Idgampalli
4 Study of association between renal failure and length of hospital stay in cardiovascular surgery in India , Dr.Abhijeet Nikam , Dr. Abhay Sadre
5 Study of Valvular lesions in Rheumatic heart diseases , Dr. Amit Palange , Dr.D.V. Mulay
6 Impact of video clips as innovative aids in learning Medical ethics: Cross sectional study , Sandeep Kadu , Balasaheb. B. Vikhe & Vikrant kalokhe
7 Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Painful Shoulder joint in rural population , Dr. Pankaj Garg , Dr. V.N. Marathe, Dr. S. G. Gandage, Dr.S.G.Kachewar
8 Complications associated with foreign bodies in tracheobronchial tree in rural population Dr. C.Anandkumar , Dr.C.Ashokkumar , Dr.Aniket Lathi , Dr. Sanjay Kishve
9 Is dealing Dental-Education/Profession separately from the Medical Education/Profession justifiable in Indian perspective? D K Sharma
10 Fluoride reservoir for partially edentulous patients , Dr. Anshul Mel , Dr. Sunil Dhaded , Dr. Shalini B.N.
11 Repositioning of pathological migrated teeth following periodontal surgery in chronic periodontitis: Case Series, Dr Anand N. Wankhede , Dr Girish P. Bhutada, Dr. Arshad J.Sayed , Dr .Deepti R. Gattani
12 A Study of Expression of Epidermal growth factor receptor in neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions of thyroid , Dr. Puja Sharma, Dr. Rajesh Chaurasia , Dr. Satyaveer Kishore Mathur, Dr Pawan Singh, Dr Sumiti Gupta
13 Large cell carcinoma lung presenting as a Lingual mass , Sumiti Gupta, Sunita Singh, Sonia Hasija, Shivani Malik, Sneh Singh, Rajeev Sen
14 Stereomicroscopic and scanning electron microscopic evaluation of glyde file preptm in smear layer removal , Dr. Shikha Kanodia , Dr. Mandeep S.Matta , Dr. Girish J. Parmar
15 A Study of significance of mucin histochemistry in histopathological diagnosis of cervical carcinoma , Dr. Rajesh Chaurasia , Dr Puja Sharma,Dr Pankaj Gharde
16 A study of role of amikacin in peritonitis model of rat , Pankaj Gharde , Deepak Shrivastava , Dhananjaya Sharma , RK Jain , Deepti Bala Sharma , Arjun Saxena
17 Quantitative analysis of telomerase activity in exfoliated human urothelial cells of transitional cell carcinoma of urinary bladder , Pankaj Kumar Singh , Anupam Kumar Srivastava , Divakar Dalela , Srikanta Kumar Rath , Madan Lal Brahma Bhatt
18 Evaluation of Pap smear, high risk HPV DNA testing in detection of cervical neoplasia with colposcopy guided or conventional biopsy as gold standard , Sunanda Ghosh, Shelley Seth, Joydip Paul, Rumana Rahman, Sandip Chattopadhyay, Debjani Bhadra
19 Unconventional complete dentures: Innovative approach in prosthodontics , Dr. Rupal J Shah , Pravin Parmar, Dr.Arun Soni , Dr.Sneha Vyas , Dr.Malti Zala

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