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2 Clinical profile of deep vein thrombosis , Dr. Chander Bhan , Dr. Pradeep Garg
3 Clinico-demographic profile of patients admitted with abortion related complications in a tertiary hospital , Deepali Dhingra ,* Rekha Bharti , Jyotsna Suri, Surbhi Batra
4 Functional recovery after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction , Dr. Tarun Duggal, Dr. S.H. Mankar , Dr. Vikram Sapre, Dr. Anil V. Golhar
5 Study of etiological factors of acute appendicitis in rural population , Aakash Joshi , RN Patil , Dilip Apturkar
6 Physical challenges in cerebral palsy children , Miss. Oshin Bagde
7 Miss. Kajal Kadge
8 Effectiveness of dance/movement therapy on attention deficit disorder(add)–parents and teachers perspective , SHAILY PAREKH, MANDAR MALAWADE* , PALLAVI ROKADE
9 A study of trends in HIV patients undergoing surgical procedures in the past four years in a tertiary care hospital , Dr. Swathi, Dr. Sudhir B. Dube, Dr. Vandana S. Dube
10 Rubber Band Ligation in Early Stage Hemorrhoids: Outcome & Efficacy in Today’s Era , Dr. Raj Ratan , Dr. P. P. Rao
11 Pure red cell aplasia associated with thymoma: a case report , Dr.Mohini, Dr.Aditi Singh , Dr.Anuj Chaudhary, Dr.Sudhir Kr. Atri, Dr. Nishil Gowda, Dr. Ekta
12 Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) presenting as a generalised lymphadenopathy: a case report , Dr. Aditi Singh, Dr. Mohini, Dr. Anuj Chaudhary, Dr. Vinay Singla, Dr. Gaurav Rathee, Dr. Pawan Goel
13 Study of H1 N1 influenza associated pneumonia patients admitted to tertiary care centre , Dr Kiran Bijapur, Dr. S.M.Patankar
14 Pure red cell aplasia associated with thymoma: a case report , Dr.Mohini, Dr.Aditi Singh , Dr.Anuj Chaudhary, Dr.Sudhir Kr. Atri, Dr. Nishil Gowda, Dr. Ekta
15 Study of role of rectal misoprostol versus intramuscular oxytocin in active management of third stage of labour , Dr. Sheela , Dr. Nirmala Duhan, Dr. Daya Sirohiwal , Dr. Roopa Malik , Dr. Sonia Dahiya , Dr. Manisha Upadhyay
16 Aberrant CD markers in patients with acute leukemia and response to induction remission therapy , Dr. Anuj Chaudhary* Dr. Sudhir K. Atri , Dr. Mohini , Dr. Aditi Singh
17 Study of maternal and perinatal outcome in women with first trimester vaginal bleeding , Dr. Jahan Ara , Dr. Krishna Dahiya , Dr. Archit Dahiya
18 Polypoid masses in the nasal cavity , Dr. Vijay Kumar Kalra, Dr. Samar Pal Singh Yadav, Dr. Swati Vashishth
19 Clinicopathological study of laryngeal tumors , Dr. Putrevu Venkata Gurunadha Raju
20 Foodborne pathogens of fast food and ready-to-eat Foods in Tabuk city and evaluating hazard for food quality , Al-Zahraa M. Darwish
21 Management of closed tibial fractures with intramedullary interlocking nail , Dr. Maley Deepak Kumar*, Dr. Prateek Ahlawat**, Dr. Saurabh Chandrakar**, Dr. Ankit Mittal,*** Dr. Y. Hari Babu****
22 Study of prevalence of Salmonella typhi in tertiary care centre , Dr Rajashri Patil , Dr Jayshree Bhakre , Dr Amar Patil
23 Adenoid cystic carcinoma of nasal antrum: A rare entity , Sonia Hasija , Puja , Neerav Saini , Shivani Kalhan , Shilpa Garg

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