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1 In-vitro Treatment of Vancomycin and Tigecycline on High Level Gentamicin Resistant Enterococcus species and biofilm production from clinical samples , JITENDRA CHANDRA DEVRARI , DR VIDYA PAI , VARSHA SAXENA
2 Competitive Inhibition of Biofilm Formation Ability among Acinetobacter species and Enterococcus species by the Extracted Exopolysaccharide of Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Varsha Saxena , Jitendra Chandra Devrari , Dr Vidya Pai
3 Doppler flow velocities of uterine and ovarian arteries & hormonal patterns in patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) , Dr. Deepali Dhingra , Dr. Shashi Prateek , Dr. Renuka Sinha , Dr. Yatish Agarwal
4 Is handover in facilitating care, a neglected domain? A case from a multi-specialty Hospital of India , Dr. Vibhisha Khatri , Dr. NeetuPurohit
5 Changes in RBC and Platelet indices in CPDA stored BLOOD , Dr. Sonia Chhabra , Dr. Saurav Chaudhary , Dr. P.K. Sehgal , Dr. Sunita Singh , Dr. Monika Gupta , Dr. Rajeev Sen
6 Pilot study of selective fixation of mesh in laparoscopic extra-peritoneal inguinal hernia repair (TEP) , DR. CHINMAY GANDHI, DR. ASHOK DHONDE, DR. DAJIRAM MOTE
7 Effect of Health Education on Caregivers Knowledge of Diarrhoea and Practice of Home management of Diarrhoea Diseases among Under Two Children in Opialu, a Rural Community in Benue State, Nigeria , Gabriel Ofikwu Ogbeyi , Audu Onyemocho ,Ochiefa Matthew ,
8 A Cross-Sectional Study on Pattern of Tobacco Consumption and Effects on Health among Auto Rickshaw Drivers in Nehru nagar, Belagavi City , Naval Kishor Ray, Rajendra Awate, Ashwini Narasannavar, Mubashir Angolkar, Nagaraj Patil, Annapurna Kari, Bag
9 Evaluation of measles immunization coverage in five PHCs of Belagavi: a cross sectional study , Vijay S. Hugar , Mubashir Angolkar , Nagaraj Patil , Annapurna Kari
10 Need of early clinical exposure in medical curriculum: Review , Dr M C Tayade , Dr R G Latti
11 OPD patient satisfaction assessment towards services provided at PHCs of North Karnataka - a cross sectional study , Bagul Shivrajkumar D, Mubasir Angolkar, Ashwini Narasannavar, Nagaraj Patil, Annapurna Kari, Naval Kishor Ray

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