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1 Gender differences in platelet aggregation in Fijian and Indo-Fijian, kava drinking and non-kava drinking healthy volunteers before and after aspirin intervention , Khatri Vaishali , Christi Ketan , Khan Sabiha , Moulds Robert
2 Automated Identification of Cholangio Carcinoma Based on CT-Scan Tumor Edge Detection , Chethan K S*
3 The role of antibiotic prophylaxis in prevention of wound infection after lichtenstein open mesh repair of primary inguinal hernia , Dr. Daksh Sethi & Dr. M.S. Griwan
4 Endoscopic evaluation of infertile women , Dr. Arushi Chaudhary , Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan , Dr. Smiti Nanda , Dr. Vani Malhotra
5 Immune-mediated clearance of hepatitis C virus in the occupational setting , Cesar Reis , Sean Welsh
6 Design and Manufacturing of Titanium Attachment for Single Implant Retained Mandibular over denture: A Review , Rupali Raut , Dr. S. B. Jaju , Dr. N. H. Rathi
7 Assessment of upper limb coordination using bruininks-oseretsky test of motor .........., Apoorva D. Dighe, Dr.Sanjivani Dhote, Dr.Tushar Palekar, Antara Pande, Pooja Yengde, Gurjit Singh
8 Inflammatory lesions of breast: a case series, Dr Shruti Singh , Dr Megha Ralli , Dr Alok Mohan, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Anshul Sawhney, Dr Abhishek Verma
9 Role of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in hospitalized children with different lower respiratory tract infections , Jing Zhou , Huiquan Sun , Anjumunnisa , Yongdong Yan
10 Immune-mediated clearance of hepatitis C virus in the occupational setting , Cesar Reis , Sean Welsh
11 Subjective versus objective item analysis of Multiple Choice Questions , Dr. Aditya B. Sathe, Dr. Rohini B. Bhadre, Dr. Manjiri S. Bhalkar, Mr. Shailendra P. Mosamkar
12 Maternal and neonatal outcome in 1000 caesarean sections , Dr. Krati Gandhi , Dr. Krishna Dahiya , Dr. Kali Gandhi
13 Role of serum ferritin and troponin-i ultra in detecting cardiac injury in children with thalassemia major , Dr. N.D. Vaswani , Dr. Suchitra Yadav , Dr. Veena Singh Gahlaut , Dr. Seema Lekhwani
14 Inverted papilloma of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses: a study of 20 cases , Dr. Vijay Kumar Kalra , Dr. Samar Pal Singh Yadav , Dr. Swati
15 Clinico-radiological profile of goitre and its correlation with histopathology , Dr. Pooja Sharma , Dr. Nityasha , Dr. R.K. Karwasra, Dr. Ved Ratna Pathak
16 Eagle syndrome: Is it a cause of death? – A case report , Dr. Taware A. A. , Dr. Chandanwale A. S. , Dr. Tatiya H. S.
17 How can Hands Fingerprints be inherited, and can we use them to early detection of bronchial asthma and Blood pressure , Zainab Abdulrahmman Mohammad Al –Toma
18 Cutaneous acanthamoebiasis in Iraq , Muslim AM , Azhar FJ
19 Comparative study of incidence and etiology of anterior knee pain with two different approaches used for intramedullary interlocking of tibia: midline trans tendinous vs medial paratendinous , Parwez Qureshi , Mahendra Singh Tak ,RC Meena , Jakir Husain ,

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