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1 Clinical Spectrum of Severe Infections in Nephrotic Syndrome at a Tertiary Care Hospital, Mumbai , Alpana Ohri , Richa Prakash , Vinit Pawar , Uma Ali
2 Comparison of balance in children with and without hearing impairment , Hetal Patel , Mandar Malawade , Sneha Butte-Patil , Prerna Khairnar , Shweta Gawade
3 Prevalence of thalassemia in and around Pune District, Maharashtra , Dr Kalpana B Rathod , Dr Deepak G Kulkarni ,-Dr Zeeshan F Hashmi, Dr.Shilla C Puranik
4 Phenotypic characterization of Candida isolates obtained from non respiratory clinical specimens from superspeciality tertiary care center in Mumbai , Dr. Dhruv K. Mamtora , Dr Sanjith Saseedharan , Pallavi Bhalerao , Surekha Katakdhond
5 Current user and non-user of spacing methods amongst married women according to their age at marriage, education, occupation and place of residence in field practice areas of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur , Dr. Mona Narain
6 Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma – A Review and Case Report , Dr. Somya Maheshwari , Dr. Girish Bhutada, Dr Vaishakhi Baisane, Dr Devendra Palve
7 Potentiality of EROD activity may designates CYP1A1 level in screening of head and neck cancer , Rajendra Singh , A. K. Srivastava , Sunil Dwivedi., M. L. B.Bhatt , Devendra Parmar
8 Concept of Holistic Diet – Blending of Yogic Diet and Balanced Diet - A Review , Nagashree R. Shankar, Manjunath NK, Venugopal V, Sreedhar P, Sukanya R, Nagendra HR
9 Prevalence of vascular risk factors among known Type 2 Diabetic patients in a metropolitan city in south India, Dr.Tarun.S* , Dr.Rudresh P, Dr.Nityanand Rao Patil
10 Clinical, Biochemical and Radiological spectrum of stroke patients , DR.Sandeep Chowdhary
11 Study of VitaminB12 deficiency in type2 diabetes patients on long term metformin therapy , Dr Anu N Gaikwad , Dr. Anand Nandkumar Dugad
12 Design and Manufacturing of Titanium Attachment for Single Implant Retained Mandibular Overdenture: A Review , RupaliRaut , Dr. S. B. Jaju , Dr. N. H. Rathi
13 Raised uric acid level– A risk factor in myocardial infarction , Dr. Pallavi Palshikar , Dr. M A Tilak , Dr. Vaishali Dhat
14 Immunohistochemical detection of micrometastases in 580 cervical lymph nodes from patients with head and neck malignancies , Dr. Shilpa Garg*, Dr Nisha Marwah, Dr Rajiv Goyal, Dr Sonia Hasija , Dr Rajnish Kalra , Dr Rajeev Sen , Dr Amrita Duhan , Dr
15 Comparison of Acute respiratory tract infections … PROFESSOR HAO CHUANG LI

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