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1 Differential diagnosis of headache in adults , Dr.Niketh Desouza
2 Zinc: The Importance in Human Life , Dr. Vidyavati SD, Dr. Sneha A, Dr. Katti SM
3 Self Medication - Reasons, Risks and Benefits , Vidyavati SD, Sneha A , Kamarudin J , Katti SM
4 Clinical and electrophysiological study of peripheral neuropathy in type 2 diabetes patients Abhay Kumar Pandey, *Abha Pandit
5 Study of Pattern of skin diseases among patients attending OPD of Dermatology, , Venereology & Leprosy Department at Bharati Vidhyapeeth Deemed University Medical College & Hospital, Sangli Dr. Ashtekar Renuka , Dr. Purandare C.S. , Dr. Kumbhar Suresh ,
6 Role of alendronate in preventing in-vitro drug resistance transfer among nosocomial bacterial isolates-a preliminary study , Dr.Madhav Jagannath Sathe, Dr.Archana Rijhsinghani, Dr.Preeti R.Mehta
7 Comparison of neutrophil to lymphocyte count ratio, APACHE II score and SOFA score as prognostic markers in the setting of Emergency Medicine , Dr.Varsha.S.Shinde, Dr.Vandana.A.Kakrani , Dr.V.S.Gokhale, Dr.S.K.Thombre, Dr.J.A.Landge
8 Global Warming - Past, Present and Future , Dr.Vidyavati SD , Dr. Sneha A , Dr. Kamruddin J
9 Evaluation of medical education unit trained teachers by students , Dr.Madhav Jagannath Sathe
10 Non-Resolving Pneumonia study in a Tertiary Care Hospital , Dr .Sabale B. B.Rao, Dr.Ravishankar K, DR. Dhananjay B. Sabale
11 Rare case presentation of thymoma , Dr .Sabale B. B.Rao, Dr.Ravishankar K, DR. Dhananjay B. Sabale
12 Achieving Clinical Laboratory Exposure in the Ist MBBS Traditional Curriculum , Dr Rohini Bhadre , Dr Manjiri Bhalkar
13 Basal cell adenoma: a rare case report of huge parotid tumor!!, Gore Pratibha G , Saurabh Sabnis , Thorat Pravin S , Kulkarni Meena M , Kalburge Jitendra V
14 Variable presentations of acute appendicitis , DR.B.PRATAP KUMAR M.D.R.D. , DR.SABALE.B.B.RAO(Medicine)
15 Awareness of menstrual abnormality amongst Pre-university college Girl’s (15-18 yrs) in rural Belagavi, Karnataka State - A cross sectional study , Dr.Vidyavathi S. Dugani , Dr. S. M. Katti, Dr. S. B. Javali
16 Single complete denture - A corrective prosthodontics : a clinical report , DR. SANDHYA SHROFF, DR. DEEPAK M. VIKHE , DR. SANJAY LAGDIVE , DR. SUSHMA LAGDIVE
17 Perception of stress in first year Medical Students , Dr. Momi Baruah, Dr.R.R.Deshpande
18 Study of open reduction and internal fixation by tension band wiring fracture patella Dr Sachin Umrekar , Dr Soniya Umrekar
19 Evaluation of partially dentate patient’s knowledge about denture hygiene - A survey Dr Sweta Rokade , Dr A J Pakhan , Dr S R Godbole , Dr Seema Sathe

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