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1 Methicillin and Clindamycin resistance in biofilm producing staphylococcus aureus isolated from clinical specimens , Pankaj A. Joshi, Dhruv K.Mamtora,. Neeta PJangale., Meena N.Ramteerthakar, Vidya P.Arjunwadkar, Vishakha VShikhare
2 Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome: Case report , Dr. Abhishek Bansal , Dr.Amit Kothari , Dr.Nilesh Jagdale , Dr.Tanvi Batra , Dr. A.L. Kakrani , Dr. V.S. Gokhale
3 Study of enteric parasites in HIV infected patients with diarrhoea , Arjun wadkar VP, Patil SS, Jangale N P, Ramteerthkar MN, Kulkarni VA, Kuruthukulangara MR, Joshi PA, Shikhare VV
4 Congenital nasopharyngeal teratoma with cleft palate in neonate , Dr.Sharad Ghatage,Dr.Ashok Purohit, Dr. Sachin Shah, Dr. D.P.Karmarkar, Dr.Pradeep Ambi
5 Congenital cystic adenoid malformation of lung , Dr Suhas Kumbhar
6 FEM analysis of single implant reaineded mandibular overdenture with four different attachment types: A review , Gayatri D. Barai , Dr. S. B. Jaju , Dr. D. J. Tidke, Dr. N. H. Rathi
7 Comparative evaluation of stimulated salivary flow in between diabetic and non diabetic subjects wearing complete denture , Dr.Apurwa Madhup, Dr.S.R.Godbole , Dr. Shubhangi Meshram
8 Computer aided design of customized zirconia dental implants with macro retentions: A review , Sunil Sanjay Shete , Dr. D.J. Tidke, Dr. S. B. Jaju , Dr. Nakul H. Rathi
9 Histopathologic spectrum of salivary gland neoplasms , Dr. Dipkana Das , Dr.Subhasish Saha , Dr V Satyanarayana
10 Study of associated opportunistic infection in HIV positive patients in urban area , Dr Amit Ashok Palange, Dr Manjit Sisode
11 Comparative study of laparoscopic versus open appendicectomy in a Rural Medical College , Dr. Moses Ingty, Dr. Kedar Gorad, Dr.Chaitanya Bokil, Dr.Sunil Magadum
12 Study of hematological disorders on bone marrow aspiration at a tertiary care hospital , Sunil V Jagtap , Swati S Jagtap , Sneha Saini , Neerav Saini
13 Post operative pulmonary complications in patients underwent neurosurgical interventions , Prof.Dr.V.S.ReethaDevi, Mr.Abhilash.V
14 Maxillofacial rehabilitation of velopharyngeal defects in patients with cleft lip and palate by two different rententive mechanisms , Dr. Rupal J Shah , Dr. Sanjay Lagdive , Dr. Arun Kumar T , Dr. Dipak Solanki , Dr.Fatema J Diwan
15 Study of efficacy of radiological findings of multiple ligament injuries , Dr. Hitesh Joshi, Dr. Ashwin Deshmukh , Dr. Tushar Pisal , Dr. Saadkanuga

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