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1 Assessing the effectiveness of second-line cART for HIV-infected patients failing first-line therapy , Dr M.B. Jadhav, Dr. S.M.Patankar , Dr R.V.Bhagwat
2 A Comparative evaluation of shear bond strengths of denture base to cross linked acrylic resin maxillary anterior teeth with and without retentive grooves - An in-vitro study , Dr.D.Sudha Madhuri , Dr.B.Sreeramulu
3 Zaltoprofen induced histological changes in kidneys of albino rats , Dr. R. Shalini
4 Efficacy of serum C - reactive protein levels as monitoring tools for patients with infections of odontogenic origin - A clinical and biochemical study , Dr Sanjeev Naik , Dr. Balreddy , Dr. Sridhar, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Praveen
5 Comparative evaluation of stimulated salivary flow in between diabetic and non diabetic subjects wearing complete denture, Dr.Apurwa Madhup, Dr.S.R.Godbole , Dr. Shubhangi Meshram
6 Role of image guided fine needle aspiration cytology in cases of hepatic mass lesions , Avinash M. Mane, Sujata R. Kanetkar, Sneha Saini, Neerav Saini
7 The Study of anti-inflammatory activity of Buspirone in rats , Madhushree Khandale , Dr.Sunil B. Magadum , Dr.R.P.Limaye
8 The Cross-sectional area of umbilical cord and Wharton’s jelly in pre-eclampsia , Sinha Manisha B , Rathi Suresh Kanta, Gupta Gopal
9 Intraorbital hemangiopericytoma: a rare case report , Vaanika Kaira , Shruti Semwal , Asha Agarwal , Pankaj Kaira
10 Environmental awareness amongst school children of gulbarga city of karnataka state , Amrutha Swati Indupalli, Purushottam A. Giri, Khamrunissa Sheikh, Siddesh Basavaraj Sirwar
11 Comparative study of treatment outcome of fracture shaft humerus treated with I M nail and DCP , Aashish Somani, Sanjay Mulay, Mayank Patel, Nikhil Suri
12 Effect of training on awareness of nursing students about Basic Life Support , Dr. Varsha.S.Shinde , Devyani. S.Shinde , Dr.S.K.Thombre
13 Snake Bite in the third trimester of pregnancy: A rare case report and review of literature , Aditi Tandon , Ajit Deshpande
14 Central Giant Cell Granuloma of Mandible – A Case Report , Dr Praveen Kumar , Dr Balreddy P., Dr Sridhar Reddy B., Dr Sanjeev Naik ,Dr. Sujitha Reddy Patil
15 Incidence of cardiac autonomic neuropathy in type 2 Diabetes, & its relation to Silent Myocardial Ischemia , Dr Rajeshwari Vhora , Dr Govind Shiddapur , Dr Mathews Jose , DR A L Kakrani
16 The efficacy of nonstress test in high-risk pregnancy in Indian Population Dr Sarita A Deshpande , Dr Ajit B Deshpande , Dr Nitisha B Khairnar
17 Observational study of inguinal hernia under local anaesthesia in rural set-up , Chinmay Gandhi, Kedar Gorad, Prashant Lomate
18 Escherichia coli contamination of selected vegetables and fruits from markets of Tabuk city, Saudi Arabia: An anticipatory surveillance using real-time PCR for the presence of pathogenic strain E.coli O104:H4 , Faisel M. Abu-Duhier
19 A descriptive study of prevalence of impacted wax and its predisposing factors in school children , Dr. M. Ulaganathan, Dr. R. Shalini
20 Attenuation of haemodynamic response during laryngoscopy and intubation: A comparative study between intravenous Dexmeditomidine and Fentanyl , Prashant Lomate,Ravikiran Thote ,Divakar Patil ,Pratibha Lomate,Jyotsna paranjpe
21 Study of serum uric acid level in patients of acute myocardial infarction , Dr.Anil Katdare , Dr.A.L.Kakrani , Dr.Sridevi , Dr.Vivek Vilas Manade
22 Study of correlation between the increase in carotid artery intimal medial….., Dr.A.L.Kakrani, Dr.Sridevi, Dr.Ravindra Jain , Dr. Vivek Vilas Manade
23 A rare case report of giant epidermal cyst of left thigh , Dr. Nirav Godhani, Dr.Anish Gadgil, Dr. V. N. Marathe , Dr.Y.P.Sachdev , Dr. B.Sairam
24 Synovial osteochondromatosis : Case report , Dr.Anish Gadgil, Dr. Nirav Godhani , Dr. B.Sairam, Dr. V. N. Marathe , Dr.Y.P.Sachdev , Dr Ankeeta Pande
25 Congenital sub mitral left ventricle aneurysm with normal mitral valve - A rare presentation , Dr. Santosh Kumar Pandey, Dr.SubhenduSekhar Mahapatra, Dr.Uttam Kumar Mukhopadhyay , Dr.Swarnendu Datta, Dr.suruchi Pandey , Dr.Gautham Shetty , Dr.Debajyoti Ma
26 Study of relation of diastolic dysfunction with the duration of diabetes and age of the patient , Dr Ranjeet Patil , Dr.Ravindra Jain , Dr.Sridevi , Dr Vivek Mannade

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