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1 Bioethics education in Preclinical medical curriculum: Review , Tayade Motilal C , Latti Ramchandra G
2 Atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini simulating extragenital lichen sclerosus et atrophicus: A case report , Dr. Khan Mohammed Oves, Dr. Panchal Urvi, Dr. Ronibala Soraisham, Dr. Anuj Chopra
3 Study of oxidative stress and antioxidant levels in polycystic ovarian disease , Archana Shirsath , Neela Aundhakar , Prathmesh Kamble
4 A comparison between different luting cements on the retention of complete cast crowns - an in vitro study , Dr.B. Sreeramulu, Dr Suman P , Dr Ajay P
5 Prevalence, awareness of hypertension in rural areas of Kurnool , Dr. Sudhakar Babu* , Dr.Aruna MS
6 Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis: An uncommon variant , Sunil V. Jagtap , S.R.Kulkarni ,Sneha Saini , Avinash Mane ,Wasim Khatib , Swati S.Jagtap
7 Study of etiological factors for ventilatory support in Paediatric age groups in India , Dr Jayashree Jadhav , Dr Bhagyashri Bora , Dr Amol Pokharkar
8 Apocrine carcinoma of breast: specific histopathological subtype , Jyotsna V Wader , Sneha Saini , S S Kumbhar , Neerav Saini
9 Medullary carcinoma of breast : Case Report , Sunil V Jagtap, Neerav Saini,P G Chougule ,Swati S Jagtap, Saini, Sneha
10 Clinicopathological study of acute myeloid leukemia - A multiparameter study , Dr Arun Jain, Dr Amit Niranjan, Dr Bharat Jain
11 Granulomatous mastitis or carcinoma:Clinical and radiological diagnostic dilemma , Dr. Chetan Jain, Dr Neha Garg, Dr. Shilpa Garg, Dr. Sarbani Chattopadhyay
12 Case report of primary ovarian ectopic pregnancy , Suhas Shinde , Gautam Aher , Urmila Gavali
13 Ascaris duodenitis- Endoscopic study in rural population , Dr.Moses Ingty , Dr.Kedar Gorad , Dr.Sunil B. Magadum , Chaitanya Bokil
14 Carcinosarcoma of the pancreas: A case report with emphasis on histopathology and review of the literature , Dr.Cicy P.J . ,Dr.Sansho E.U. ,Dr.Letha V ,Dr.Philip Umman ,Dr. Sandeep Varghese , Prof.Dr.John S.Kurien
15 Effect of smoking on sustained handgrip test and valsalva ratio among smokers: A cross sectional study , Dr Motilal C. Tayade , Dr Nandkumar B Kulkarni
16 Fine needle aspiration cytology of salivary gland lesions with histopathological correlation - A two year study , Tessy PJ, Jayalekshmy PS, Cicy PJ, Usha Poothiode
17 Study of effects of hypertension on carotid artery IMT in type II diabetes subjects in western Maharashtra , Dr. Madhulika Mahashabde, Dr. Suryaprakash Rajesh Kothe
18 Evaluation of association between serum gamma glutamyltransferase activity and carotid intima media thickness , Dr. Madhulika Mahashabde, Dr. Suryaprakash Rajesh Kothe
19 Effect of acute stress on serum cortisol level in female wistar rats , Dr Mohammed Khaleel Jameel , Dr Anuradha Rajiv Joshi
20 Variations of the Intercostobrachial Nerve- a series of case reports , Dr. T. H. Dilip Kumar , Dr. K. V. P. Suriyakumari
21 Assessment of clinical profile of coronary artery disease in Indian Population , Dr J S Dhadwad , Dr N G Karandikar
22 Association between maternal ABO blood group and risk of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension ( PIH), Dr Vinod , Dr M C Tayade , Dr RG Latti
23 Autopsy profile of natural causes of sudden deaths and survival time , Sapate Ashwinikumar , Petkar Madhusudan , Ghangale Ajay , Arora Praveen , Datir Sandesh
24 Evaluation of relation between result of nonstress test and mode of delivery in rural population Dr Sarita A Deshpande , Dr Ajit B Deshpande , Dr Nitisha B Khairnar
25 Study to assess age incidence diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in severe hypertension by echocardiographic and Doppler examination , Dr.Ranjeet Patil , Dr.Ravindra Jain , Dr.Sridevi , Dr. Vivek Vilas Manade
26 Study of correlation analysis according to clinical features in hypertensive and non hypertensive ESRD study cases , Dr.Sridevi , Dr.V.A.Chiddarwar , Dr.Ranjeet Patil , Dr. Vivek Vilas Manade
27 Study of distribution of haemoglobin levels and blood urea level in ESRD study cases. Dr.V.A.Chiddarwar , Dr.Ranjeet Patil , Dr. Vivek Vilas Manade

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