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1 Study of job satisfaction and absenteeism amongst class IV employees in tertiary care teaching hospital in Mumbai, Armaity S. Dehmubed , Prachi V. Chakor (Palwe) , Purushottam A. Giri , Nitin S. Palwe
2 Study of awareness among caregivers about various concessions/schemes available to physically challenged children , Armaity S. Dehmubed , Nitin S. Palwe , Purushottam A. Giri , Prachi V. Chakor (Palwe)
3 Assessment of specific causative factors of obesity among undergraduate medical students in South India , Shefali Vishnoi, Rajesh Batlish, G Krishna Babu
4 Arterial arcades of Pancreas and their variations , Chavan NN , Wabale RN
5 Clinico-histopathological correlation of Nephritic Syndrome in adults in urban population , Dr. Saurabh Ajit Deshpande, Dr. Keshav Kale, Dr. Nivedita D. Moulick
6 Primary malignant Giant cell tumour of femur , Sanjay D. Mulay , Smita S. Mulay , Dinesh R. Kulkarni
7 An Epidemiological Study of Tuberculosis Patient with Special Reference to Cost Incurred By Patient for the Treatment in an Urban Slum of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Dnyaneshwar M. Gajbhare , Rahul C. Bedre , Harsha M. Solanki
8 Inguinal hernia surgery (repair) with rare complication large (huge) penoscrotal hematoma , Dr. Prashant Deore , Dr. Ravindra Mistry
9 Bleeding Giant Lipoma: Very rare case presentation , Dr. Ravindra Mistry , Dr. Prashant Deore
10 Xanthogranulomatous prostatitis mimicking prostatic carcinoma clinically as well as biochemicaly- a rare case report , Avinash Mane , Sujata Kanetkar , Parnika Garg , Pankti Patel , A D Huddedar
11 Profile of medicolegal autopsies conducted at tertiary medicolegal centre in southwestern India , Dr. KV Radhakrishna , Dr. CS Makhani , Med Cadet Nikhil Sisodiya , Dr.SachinChourasia , Dr.Sarala M , Dr. RN Khan
12 Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome (Wallenberg syndrome) , Dr. Mitali Srivastava, Dr. S. Abeetha, Dr. Shivali Srivastava
13 A case of malignant mucormycosis in a diabetic , Dr. P.K. Satpathy, Dr. P.M. Diggikar, Dr. A. Patil, Dr. Priyanka Zagade, Dr. Mukund Wasekar, Dr. T. Venu Babu, Dr. Deepak Baldania
14 Hepatomesenteric and gastrosplenic trunks- a case report , Dr. Sachin Phoolchand Yadav , Dr. Zeba T. Khan , Dr. Sonali Kankhare
15 A case of pregnancy in patient with reconstructed bladder exstrophy , Akhilesh G. Kirane , Nandkishor B Gaikwad, Prashant E Bhingare , Vidya D Mule
16 An observational study of maternal and perinatal outcome in patients of recurrent pregnancy loss in rural population , Dr. Tanya Pradhan , Dr. Dilip P. Bhavthankar
17 Differentiation of malignant and benign ascites by Ultrasonography and/or CT , Dr. Khaladkar S.M. , Dr. Aditi Gujarathi., Dr. Dhaval Thakkar , Dr. Kuber Rajesh., Dr. Sheravat Preeti , Dr. Randhava Shubreet , Dr. Adik Harshad
18 Experience in anatomy Lab- An analysis in Preclinical students , Dr. Deepa Somanath , Dr. Shivali Srivastava, Dr. S. S. Rajasekar
19 Absence of sagittal suture – an accidental finding , Dr. S. V. Khandare , Dr. A. B. Shinde , Dr. S. B. Punpale
20 Management of type a supracondylar fractures of femur with dynamic condylar screw (DCS) , Dr Sunil V. Patil , Dr.P.B. Magdum , Dr. Nagesh P.Naik
21 Diagnosis of syphilis in HIV+ve and HIV –ve patients , Pol S, Rajput A, Bharadwaj
22 Study of anemia and it’s epidemiological determinants in pregnant women , Neha Y.Bivalkar,Dr.(Mrs) K.C.Wingkar,Dr.A.G.Joshi,Dr.(Mrs) Swati Jagtap
23 Normocalcemic primary hyperparathyroidism in a case of parathyroid adenoma , Dr. Kaustubh Mench , Dr.Sunil Magadum , Dr.Madhushree Khandale , Dr.Vasim Mulla
24 Teaching effectiveness: How do students evaluate their teacher? , Dr. C. D. Bodhe , Dr. D. S. Jankar
25 Comparative study of isobaric bupivicane for vaginal hysterectomy using clonidine & dexmedetomidine as adjuvant , Dr Harsimran Singh Walia , Dr Aruna V. Chandak , Dr Tarun Yadav , Dr Mansi Chatterjee
26 Assessment of correlation of lipid profile and coronary angiography in coronary artery disease , Dr J S Dhadwad , Dr N G Karandikar
27 Knowledge and Practices of Maternal Health Care amongst Auxiliary Nurse Midwives in Pune District , Sachin M.Kharat , Sunil M. Sagare , Kirankumar P.Jadhav, JS Gothankar
28 Morphological variations of thyroid gland , Dr Rathod S Mansing , Dr Mahesh S Taru , Mr Santosh D Sawai

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